Ben Rose is a young man from Kansas. He has always enjoyed creating art (as long as he can make it quickly). Ben has been told that he has an eye for color and a surprising and fun take on form and perspective (we, at We Are Lions, would agree). His latest joy has been acrylic pours as he enjoys the surprises of this medium, not knowing exactly how each will finish. Ben was adopted from foster care by his parents, Mike and Theresa, who cared for him from one month of age. It became evident fairly early that Ben would have some special needs. He was diagnosed with severe food allergies that affected some developmental milestones and he is on the autism spectrum. That said, he is amazing. Keeping anxiety in check is an everyday goal of those around him and he does very well in a supportive environment with friends, family, and occasionally peers who understand and accept his sometimes quirky needs. Ben has four older siblings and their spouses and children who think of him everyday in large and small ways and do whatever they can to smooth the road as he moves along. Ben enjoys making his art, but even more so, he relishes sharing it with anyone who expresses interest. It thrills him to give a tour of the art displayed at home and he would very much like to “get it out there” for others to see and enjoy.