About Brandon A’Neals

Brandon A’Neals is 24 years old with Autism and he is also speech delayed. By the time Brandon was four, he was only able to say a few words. From birth, Brandon’s heart valve hasn’t worked properly. Miraculously though, Brandon’s heart has adapted and hasn’t ever caused him any problems. Brandon has always struggled in school, essentially writing and reading at a first grade level. Despite all the obstacles Brandon endures, he has an extraordinary knack for art. He can spend hours drawing. Brandon’s High School art teachers were always impressed with his color choices. Brandon, however, will always need someone to help him with the everyday life. He has the intelligence of a child while living in a man’s body. It is so hard for Brandon to talk to people and even touch someone. Brandon fights every day and tries talk to peers and even let them hug him every once in a while. Brandon has come a long way and as parents we are very proud of him.