Chase Bailey is the host and co-creator of the YouTube cooking show Chase ‘N Yur Face. He also happens to be an African-American teenager with autism, whose mother was told when Chase was a toddler that he would probably never be able to speak or take care of himself. But Chase is proving the nay-sayers wrong! Not only is Chase hosting his own cooking show with prominent chefs and celebrity foodies as his guests, he has also been featured in GE’s Our American Kitchen series and a GE  commercial; appeared in magazines and local, national, and international newspapers; and made TV appearances on The Chew, and The Meredith Vieira Show. Chase’s plans for his future include owning restaurants; acting, directing, and producing his own TV shows and films; and being a DJ. But it is also especially important to Chase that he continues to inspire and support others who need help achieving their own dreams. And this is why he designed a T-shirt and is donating all profits to the We Are Lions organization. Chase believes that we ALL have dreams, and need help fulfilling those dreams. And when you have a dream in your heart, you must, “Chase it!” You can find out more about Chase and his journey with food on his website.