David Holt has always been known for bold, colorful artwork that often incorporates hand-written text. But after the death of his grandmother in 2009, David’s work began to take on a higher purpose, in the form of memorial portraits for those who have died. In addition to his own family members, the subjects of David’s posthumous tributes include celebrities, politicians, and victims of gun violence, whose newspaper obituaries the artist collects and attaches to the back of each artwork. Far from being morbid, his whimsical drawings and paintings are a colorful celebration of life—both its fragility and its potential for greatness. Of his work, David says, “I did it and you can too. I am a dependable, honest person who is dedicated to my work… Being part of Project Onward is like a dream. It is fabulous blessing to make art. It is an opportunity to draw, paint, and have fun.”