About Wallace Peck

Wallace Peck enters and leaves the studio with a smile. A well-received artist, Wallace creates wonderful images and paintings which often incorporate figures. His work is easily identified by his distinctive faces with large, toothy grins and ringed eyes. Besides people and animals, Wallace enjoys drawing “houses” which read as beautiful abstractions with layers upon layers of line work. Occasionally, Wallace’s people are combined with his houses with great success. Wallace’s speed and determination provide him the opportunity for much experimentation. He has dabbled in collage and sculpture to supplement his busy schedule of drawing and painting. Wallace is very modest about his prolific body of work. He is always excited to work on a “painted picture” and loves the attention and financial success his art has brought him. The giant grin that lights up his face when asked about selling a piece or starting a new project is very infectious. He just “wants to make people happy” and his “painted pictures” most assuredly have done that many times over.