George Zuniga’s bold compositions and swift strokes, rendered in pastel, charcoal, and pencil, are examples of Artism, a term he coined to describe the work of an artist with autism. A self-taught historian, George is an expert in Cold War-era military armaments and political figures, Japanese anime, and heavy metal music. An analog recording aficionado, he has amassed an extensive auditory library of recordings from TV shows, foreign-language radio broadcasts, and the internet, that he sometimes dubs over his favorite metal albums, rewinding and fast-forwarding to create a rich acoustic tapestry to listen to while drawing. His expressive inter-personal communication style and varied interests have made him a popular portrait artist at Project Onward–animal or human, he respects his subjects equally. His work is in a number of public and private collections and he has shown at galleries across the city of Chicago and in New York City. George Zuniga is a founding member of Project Onward, having joined in 2004, and he currently lives with this family in Chicago’s Pilsen neighborhood.