About Kathleen Lorring Kathleen’s case manager recommended that she try We Care Arts in 2004, and since then she has produced an immense body of work. Kathleen has been an artist since she was a little girl, so using art to help her to manage her illness made sense. She works in a variety of media ranging from linear painting to creating clay bowls, which are very popular in our gift shop. She plays with the glazes and gets amazing results. Her next goal is to learn to work with glass. Her favorite thing about coming to We Care Arts is the freedom. She tells us, “I get to do my art and I get some instruction.” When not at WCA Kathleen does her best to help her 90-year-old mother and her physically disabled 67-year-old brother. Kathleen’s painting is a new type of painting style for her. She says “it is based on minimalism and impressionism combined. It is about color and texture and form, in that order.” Before her diagnosis, Kathleen owned a marketing business for 15 years. It was based in Cleveland and served primarily financial institutions. Since 1980, Kathleen had been hospitalized 18 times. Since starting at We Care Arts in 2004, she has only been in the hospital twice and wants people to know the impact art has in helping her manage her mental health.
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